Hong Kong History Girl

{{ _getLangText('m_detailInformation_goodsAuthorText') }}Jane Houng
{{ _getLangText('m_detailInformation_goodsPublisherText') }}QX Publishing Co.
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一切從一個魔法摩天輪開始,小女孩 Jasmine 接受了一項特殊任務,就是回到過去,回到歷史現場探索香港歷史。

A magical history hunt in Hong Kong

School’s out for summer but Jasmine has a history project to complete. Hong Kong Ferris wheel spins her and Gong Gong Gramps to eighteen historical places in Hong Kong where they find clues to sites and a mystery letter.

Will Jasmine finish her project on time?
What is the mystery message and who wrote it?
Join Jasmine for her magical ride through time and space.


- 以科幻故事形式幫助小孩了解香港的歷史及文化
- 以純英文撰寫關於香港本土文化
- 附英漢對照歷史地標


Jane Houng has lived in Hong Kong for over thirty years. QX Publishing Company has published a range of her children’s books: the young adult novel Bloodswell (2012) as well as books for younger readers: Cat Soup and Other Short Stories (2015), Pun Choi: a hotchpotch of Chinese Folk and Fairy tales (2016) and Hong Kong Movers and Shakers (2017). Ms. Houng also writes for Oxford University Press, Pearson Education Asia and Sing Tao Publishing Corporation. http://www.janehoung.com