Hong Kong Movers and Shakers

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Hong Kong is a colourful city where East meets West, lives are made and lost. Hong Kong superstar and world famous author, revolutionaries and philanthropists, emperors and pirates, generals and businessmen: this book comprises short biographies of people who have made history here. Meet Kung fu artist Bruce Lee, writer Chang Ai-ling, the Cantonese opera singer Sun Ma Sze-tsang and Sir Matthew Nathan who moved mountains to build Nathan Road. Discover how Doctor Manson shook up the medical world by proving that malaria was transmitted by mosquitoes, and how Reverend Carl Smith shook up local history by writing from the standpoint of Hongkongers. Jane Houng has selected thirty interesting characters from Hong Kong’s past and brought them to life for children.


(1) 全書含30個名人小故事,涵蓋政府、教育、宗教、體育、文學、醫學、商業、娛樂等不同範疇,包括:胡文虎/胡文豹、張愛玲、張保仔、杜月笙、黎民偉、李小龍、新馬司曾、孫中山、香港第二十五任港督麥理浩 Sir Murray MacLehose等等。

(2) 精選不同範疇對香港有特殊貢獻的名人,用講故事形式,一一介紹每個人的生平和重要貢獻,名人來自不同國家,有英國、愛爾蘭、印度、緬甸、中國等,表現香港多元化的獨特性。

(3) 以純英文撰寫,配插圖。

About the Author:

Jane Houng’s young adult novel Bloodswell was published by QX Publishing Company in 2012. She has also published Houng’s; Lantau Life; Cat Soup and Other Short Stories; Pun Choi:a hotchpotch of Chinese folk and fairy tales; and poetry. She writes reviews for the Asian Review of Books, and stories for children’s newspapers published by Sing Tao News Corporation. Further details can be found on her author website: http://www.janehoung.com.