Chinese Textiles and Embroideries

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To deepen the understanding of cultural and social background of Chinese Textiles and Embroideries.

The Palace Museum’s Essential Collection selected 273 pieces of Chinese Textiles and Embroidery from different dynasties

The Palace Museum, the Forbidden City, has a comprehensive collection of the world's largest treasury of ancient Chinese art. The Museum is an abundant resource for anyone who is interested in Chinese paintings, ceramic wares, jade wares, calligraphy, furniture, and other valuable treasures.

This title contains a selected collection of 273 pieces of embroidery crafts from the Palace Museum, most of them imperial items from Ming and Qing dynasties. It covers textiles and embroideries, court costumes, as well as woven and embroidered calligraphy and painting, with an introductory essay by the Palace Museum’s own expert who presents the artistic and historical value of the rare treasures.


YAN YONG was born in 1968. In 1989 he graduated with a BA degree in History from the Department of Archaeology at Jilin University and entered the Palace Museum. He then graduated from the MA Program of the Institute of Qing History at Renmin University of China. Now he is the associate director of the Department of Palace Life and Imperial Ritual of the Palace Museum, a research fellow of the Palace Museum, member of the Academic Committee of the museum, as well as the secretary-general of the Committee of Textile Studies of China Cultural Relics Academy. His expertise includes Qing court attire and embroidery paintings of ancient China.