Paintings of the Jin, Tang, Song, and Dynasties

{{ _getLangText('m_detailInformation_goodsAuthorText') }}The Palace Museum
{{ _getLangText('m_detailInformation_goodsTranslatorText') }}Chan Sin-wai
{{ _getLangText('m_detailInformation_goodsPublisherText') }}The Commercial Press (H.K.) Ltd.
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This title offers descriptions of a selected collection of 99 paintings from the Palace Museum, presented in the chronological order from Jin to Yuan dynasties. Covering a variety of themes such as Figure and Genre; Landscape and Building; Flower, Bird and Animal Paintings, it includes an introductory essay by the Palace Museum's own expert who unfolds the origin, special features, cultural and artistic value of this special collection.

* 精選故宮博物院晉、唐、宋、元等時代,具代表性的中國早期繪畫,含實物放大圖、圖解、故宮專家的導言。

* 精選故宮藏品之中晉、唐、宋、元時代的繪畫珍品,以英語出版,將它們的文化內涵、價值等介紹給外國非專業讀者。