Chinese Ceramic Wares with Polychrome Glaze

{{ _getLangText('m_detailInformation_goodsAuthorText') }}The Palace Museum
{{ _getLangText('m_detailInformation_goodsTranslatorText') }}Veronique Ng
{{ _getLangText('m_detailInformation_goodsPublisherText') }}The Commercial Press (H.K.) Ltd.
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This title offers descriptions of a selected collection of 289 sets of painted polychrome ceramic wares of different dynasties. It also features an introductory essay by the Museum's expert who unfolds the historical and artistic value of polychrome ceramic wares.

The Palace Museum, the Forbidden City, has a comprehensive collection of the world’s largest treasury of ancient Chinese art. The Museum is an abundant resource for anyone who are interested in Chinese paintings, ceramic wares, jade wares, calligraphy, furniture, and other valuable treasures.



‧ 精選故宮最具代表性的289件彩瓷。
‧ 含實物放大圖、圖解。
‧ 含故宮專家撰寫的導言。