Kingdom of English Grammar 4B (Revised Edition)

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新雅英文搶分系列:文法訓練 4B(修訂版)
Kingdom of English Grammar 4B (Revised Edition)

《新雅英文搶分練習:文法訓練》(修訂版)一套 12 冊,根據小學英文科課程綱要編寫,能配合小學一至六年級的課程,以及各出版社的英文課本使用。
Kingdom of English Grammar (Revised Version) is a 12-book series written with reference to the English Language Curriculum Guide (Primary 1-6). It can be used with various English textbooks for primary schools.

4A 特點:

1. Abundant Topics
每冊設 12 個練習,涵蓋各年級重要的英文學習主題和文法應用。
Each book comes with 12 exercises covering essential topics and grammar items taught in each grade.

2. Assessment Makes Perfect
設有 4 個小測、2 個測驗及 1 個考試,讓學生有系統地進行複習,鞏固所學。
Assessment is arranged systematically with 4 quizzes, 2 tests and 1 final test, allowing students to consolidate what they have learnt.

3. Aggressive Drills
Aggressive drills help students to improve their knowledge on English grammar effectively.

4. Answer Key
Answers are provided for easy reference.