HKEP Primary: Reading Comprehension with Essential Skills P3

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Reading Comprehension with Essential Skills is a 6-book reading comprehension series which teaches essential reading skills to enhance students’ reading ability and exam skills.

  • 6 essential reading skills taught in a 3-step approach:

1)Read the Question 2)Scan the Text 3)Decide the Answer

Warm up to familiarise students with the skill

Crack it in 3 Sreps to demonstrate how to solve questions step-by-step

Try it to boost the skill with short practice

  • 12 theme-based exercises in alignment with major English textbooks
  • Progressive exercises with commonly tested text types and question types (challenging questions indicated by “!”)
  • Values Learning in exercises to develop positive attitudes
  • 2 Assessments to revise what students have learnt
  • Self-learning videos with Cantonese voice-over and audio recordings of the reading text via QR Codes
  • Answer Key with explanation (via QR Code)
  • Summary of Reading Skills and Word List for revisions