HKEP Pre-S1 HKAT English Assorted Exercises (2025/26 Edition) P5

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  • All topics and question types are modelled on the latest official Pre-S1 HKAT
  • All contents are designed for Primary 5 English subject in terms of language usage, grammar, vocabulary and text types to enhance students’ proficiency in English
  • Easy access to the Listening Exercises via QR codes

Assorted Exercises

  • A total of 16 exercises on Listening, Reading and Writing in one booklet
  • HKAT strategies on Listening, Reading and Writing are provided in step-by-step approach, followed by examples and quick practice for skill consolidation (relevant skills are indicated by in the exercises)
  • Attention! gives tips on tackling the questions and helping students familiarise with HKAT
  • A separate Answer Key with tapescripts and suggested answers