Rocket to the Stars Skill-focused Reading and Vocabulary Enhancement for HKDSE

{{ _getLangText('m_detailInformation_goodsAuthorText') }}F.C. Chow
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2022-07-15 00:00:00
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Key points:

Thematic skill-based reading practices with vocabulary enhancement
Comprehensive mapping of reading skills with topics and text-types
Detailed scaffolding of targeted questions with progressing levels of difficulties
Rocket To The Stars is a coursebook designed to prepare you as the next star-catcher in the HKDSE. The delicate mapping of text-types with their corresponding reading skills encapsulated under eight topics with reference to Curriculum Guide not only bolsters your knowledge of different genres and their linguistic features, but also equips you with advanced theme-based vocabulary which can help you excel in all papers. With clear guiding steps, hints given in Practice Reading, as well as common mistakes and explanations in the answer key, this coursebook is bound to bring your reading ability to the next level. Astronauts! Get into the Rocket! Let’s land on the stars!