DSE Exam Series: English: All-in-One Mock Exam Papers (2 Ed)

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2022-07-13 00:00:00
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• Concise notes for last minute revision
- Exam skills for tackling Papers 1-3 are included.
- Theme-based vocabulary and phrases for Papers 1-3, and common expressions for Paper 4 are provided.
- Common text types are included to help students prepare for Papers 2&3.
- Suggested timeline helps students better allocate time to prepare for and take the HKDSE Exam.
• Four complete sets of mock exam papers (Papers 1-4)
- Mock exam papers are designed with close reference to the HKDSE Exam Papers.
- Latest HKDSE-style questions are included to familiarize students with the exam requirements.
• Detailed step-by-step explanations
- Model answers are provided for all papers.
- Detailed explanations for challenging questions help students learn from their mistakes and grasp the answering requirements.
• Tips on mastering answering skills
- The Answer Key shows related skills tested, and provides tips on improving answering skills for all papers.
- Examples of common incorrect answers are highlighted to help students avoid making similar errors in the exam.
• Audio recordings for Papers 3&4