Hong Kong Chronicles: Overview & Chronology

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Overview & Chronology is the first title of the book series Hong Kong Chronicles by Hong Kong Chronicles Institute. It presents a detailed overview of Hong Kong’s local history and more than 6,500 major historical events taking place between ancient times and 2017.

The book series consists of 66 volumes to be released in 42 books with 25 million words and completed in phases by 2027. It covers a historical timeline of 7,000 years – from the New Stone Age 5,000 B.C. to the inauguration of the fifth term of the HKSAR government on July 1, 2017. It includes 10 major categories, including nature, economy, culture, society, politics and people, etc.

Local chronicles have the important functions of preserving history, providing reference for policymaking and educating the people. Through the compilation of local chronicles, it serves to seek out, preserve and promote the stories of people, their socio-economic development and way of life as well as political structure. It plays an important role of cultural significance in driving the future by reflecting on the past. The book series is of profound historical significance and cultural value as an accurate, objective, systematic and comprehensive record of 7,000 years of Hong Kong's transformation.