China's Great Liberal of the 20th Century - Hu Shih: A Pioneer of Modern Chinese Language

作者:Mark O'Neill
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Doctor Hu Shih was the most remarkable Chinese intellectual of the 20th century. He was the leading pioneer of vernacular, rather than classical, Chinese. It was widely adopted by schools and the media during the 1920s. His lectures at Beijing University and elsewhere, books and articles influenced tens of thousands of Chinese. From 1938-1942, he served as China’s ambassador in Washington DC and played a key role in persuading President Franklin Roosevelt to enter World War Two on the Chinese side.


Mark O’Neill was born in London, England and educated at Marlborough College and New College, Oxford. He worked in Washington, DC, Manchester and Belfast before coming to Hong Kong in 1978. He has lived and worked in Asia ever since. He has written 13 books on Chinese history and society. Nine have editions in Chinese, simplified and traditional, as well as English. This is the 13th. This is the website for his books –