5 Stars Physics Study Guide & Exercises (Atomic World)

作者:Cheng Chi Wa, C.W. Chan
出版社:優閱出版 Goodread Publishing
2013-11-01 00:00:00
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This book is written according to the New Senior Secondary Physics Curriculum and Assessment Guide. All contents are presented in systematic and concise table forms for easy study, and each part provides with concept maps showing key ideas. Each topic provides with exercises including T/F, MC and long questions, with detailed solutions for students to learn the answering techniques.

Rutherford's Atomic Model
What are the properties and limitations of Rutherford's Atomic Model?

Photoelectric Effect
How does the classical wave theory of light fail to explain the photoelectric effect?

Bohr's Atomic Model of Hydrogen
How to calculate the wavelength of photon emitted from an electronic transition of a hydrogen atom?

Particles or Waves
How to calculate the de Broglie wavelength of a matter wave?

Probing Into Nano Scale
What are the characteristics of nano materials, working principles of TEM and STM?