5 Stars Economics Study Guide and Exercise (Book 1)

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2012-12-01 00:00:00
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Book 1 Compulsory Part : Micro Economics (Chapter 1 to Chapter 11)

Special Features:

Chapters are written with reference to the New Senior Curriculum and Assessment Guides (Economics) published by EDB.
"Exclusive STARS Snipers" are included in each chapter delineating detailed analysis on common errors.
Theories and Concepts are explained with ample examples, aiming to help students with easier understanding.
Each chapter is summarized with a large number of graphs and tables, which helps students better consolidate things learnt.
Exercises are provided in each chapter and they are set in various question types (including short and extended questions as well as multiple choices), helping students familiarize with the HKDSE formats.
Exercises are carefully set with topics associated with latest social issues.
Model answer keys with elaborative and step-to-step explanations are provided.