HKDSE Chemistry Success Guide & Exercises (Book 1)

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2020-07-01 00:00:00
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This book is written according to the latest version of New Senior Secondary Chemistry Curriculum and Assessment Guide, prepared by the Curriculum Development Council. Author provides students with solid basis of notes and exercises which are illustrated in a clear and directive way. The following is the main features of this Success Guide and Exercise.

1. Organised table format

Chemistry concepts are presented by tables and diagrams in a systematic way.

2. DSE Practice Corners
DSE M.C. and Structured Questions (year and question no.) are sorted out according to the chapter.

3. Hints on HKDSE
The key learning areas assessed in HKDSE are addressed in three aspects: M.C., Structured Question and Essay-type Question

4. Typical Questions
Difficulties of different questions are clearly shown.

5. Topic Tests
Cross-chapter or cross-topic questions are contained and presented in various style.