Athens Elite Series: Exploring Idioms in 20 Days

作者:Timothy Ross
出版社:Athens Education
2019-07-15 00:00:00
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Key features:
1. Idioms are divided into 20 relatable, everyday themes that help students categorize and think about them.
2. Each day starts with a four-panel comic that uses new idioms and continues the story.
3. Comic images for every idiom assist students with remembering them.
4. The humorous Real Talk section helps students polish their conversational abilities by showing which idioms are appropriate in different contexts.
5. The Make your own story section guides students to easily write their own funny stories with the idioms of the day using their own words.
6. The Where did these odd idioms come from? segment reinforces students’ knowledge of more difficult idioms by showing them their fascinating origins.
7. Revision cards putting all the idioms and illustrations in one place allow students to make mental connections between idioms and their images on the go.