Skills Up On Reading Comprehension P1

作者:Jeremy Walenn, Sara Walenn
出版社:Athens Education
2014-07-31 00:00:00
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Skills Up on Reading Comprehension is a series of workbooks written in accordance with the latest English Language Curriculum Guide (Primary 1-6), published by the Hong Kong Curriculum Development Council. This series consists of 6 books which target Primary 1 to 6 students.

Key features include:
Reading skills
● Essential Reading Skills and Text Type Analysis provide an overview of essential reading skills covered in the book.
● Skills Focus provides tips on reading skills.
● Text Type gives the text type: story, poem poster, play.
● Checkpoint provides short tests to check students' progress.
● Answering Tips provide extra tips on locating the answers in the text. P4-P6 contains Help You Write, which helps students give clear answers to questions.
Word building
● Word Preview pre-teaches useful words relating to the theme and the reading text.
● Word Bank provides word building strategies to strengthen students' abilities to understand unfamiliar words.
● Vocabulary List offers theme-based words to consolidate vocabulary learning.