Athens HKAT (Pre-Secondary One) English Mock Papers P5

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2019-03-04 00:00:00
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♦ 6 full sets of mock papers and answer booklets
♦ All topics and question types are modelled on the latest official HKAT papers.
♦ Grasp the Skill, Learn the Tactic and Avoid the Mistake provide useful hints and tips on Mock Paper 1 to help students familiarise with the exam structure and questions
♦ Challenging questions and recent question types are indicated in the mock papers
♦ A free ‘Strategy Guide’ booklet analyses the recent trend of HKAT and illustrates all essential Reading, Listening and Writing skills. Typical questions are provided for skill consolidation.
♦ A separate Answer Key contains audio scripts and suggested answers.
♦ Easy access to the Listening Tests via CD-ROM and QR Codes