Progressive Mathematics 1 (Fifth Edition)

{{ _getLangText('m_detailInformation_goodsAuthorText') }}C. K. Kwun
{{ _getLangText('m_detailInformation_goodsPublisherText') }}Hong Kong Educational Publishing Company Ltd.
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Progressive Mathematics (Fifth Edition) is a series of supplementary exercise books for S.1 to S.3 students. The questions are divided into two levels to enhance students’ skills in thinking and problem solving. The book also includes the questions modified from the public exam questions.
※Written in accordance with the latest Mathematics Curriculum (implemented progressively with effect from the school year 2020/21).
※Public Exam Classroom helps students to be familiar with the questions in public exams. It consists of two parts: Step-by-Step Demo and Exam-type Question.
※思考站 includes interesting mathematical problems to arouse students’ interest in learning Mathematics.
※應試錦囊 contains revision notes and highlights the common mistakes made by students.
※Warm Up Practice provides simple questions for students.
※Questions in Test Your Understanding are divided into two levels: Fundamental Stage and Advanced Stage. This helps students develop their ability in solving mathematical problems gradually. Questions modified from public exam questions are illustrated by the icons TSA and DSE
※QR code at the end of each chapter links to Open-ended Question and 休憩室.
※Three Assessments are included at the end of the book. Each has detailed score sheet to help students find out which topics they are weak in and therefore, make corresponding improvement.
※All questions have detailed solution and those solutions for exam-type questions and assessments even have marking scheme. All solutions are printed separately for self-study purpose.
※For Book 1, 升中輔助手冊 is available free of charge. Some primary mathematical knowledge related to the secondary curriculum is provided to help students prepare the transition to the junior secondary syllabus. We hope to share with parents the experience of guiding their children to tackle different Mathematics tasks.

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