Oscar Wilde's Short Stories CD-ROM edition

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Wilde wrote these delightful fairy tales for his two young sons. They were all published in the collection The Happy Prince and Other Stories in 1888. The ‘Young King’ tells how a shepherd boy becomes a king, ‘The Star-Child’ tells the story of a baby found in the forest and how he believes himself to be a magic Star-Child and in ‘The Nightingale and the Rose’ a little nightingale sacrifices her life to create the perfect red rose for a young student in love.


1. 精選世界經典名著改編,事簡短易讀,編排清楚,適合課堂上或自修使用。
2. 配合故事情節,搭配精彩的彩色插圖,讓閱讀充滿樂趣與想像力。
3. 提供相應的歷史背景、文化補充資料,擴展閱讀視野
4. 多種遊戲融入學習中,讓學生更投入。
5. 於故事每章節後特設國際標準的Cambridge Key English Test(KET)、Preliminary English Test(PET)或英國教育部認可的Trinity Test形式練習。


Oscar Wilde(奧斯卡.王爾德),愛爾蘭文學家、詩人。著作甚豐,以童話集《快樂王子》、《石榴之家》,小說《道林.格雷的畫像》,戲劇《不可兒戲》、《理想的丈夫》、《溫夫人的扇子》、《不要緊的女人》聞名於世。