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This title recreates, from a unique, comprehensive perspective, eight important scenes of China, namely the semi-cave dwelling in the Neolithic Age, Yin Xu, the Terracotta Army, Buddha statues of the Wei and Jin dynasties, Tang’s capital Chang’an, River Scene at Qingming Festival of Song, house of Ming scholar, and the Eight Banners of Qing. In complementary to lively storytelling, Minecraft and illustrations are incorporated to kindle young readers’ interest in history.

About the Authors:

Cheung Wai Kwok graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University and New Asia Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies. He is a professor of the Department of History of Hong Kong Shue Yan University. Devoted to the promotion and popularisation of history, Cheung has written eight hundred episodes of Fifty Centuries of China for the Cultural and Education Unit of Radio Television Hong Kong since 1983. Currently, he hosts a weekly history talk show called The Legends of Ancient and Contemporary Heroes.

Since its inception in 2013, Koding Kingdom (HK) Limited has been providing a range of fifty coding courses to students aged 3 to 18. With expertise in programming and Minecraft education, Koding Kingdom is an advocate of STEM education in Hong Kong and a certified Microsoft Innovative educator.

Ko Sing has enjoyed drawing and comics since he was small. He studied graphic design following his form 5 graduation and was awarded the "Design Student of the Year - Running Up" by Hong Kong Designers Association. Now working in the field of graphic design and illustration, he is the author of Rejoice in Wa Fu Estate and a contributor of Made In Hong Kong and Crafts In Hong Kong.

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